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Cultivating a Positive Corporate Culture

In this workshop, your leaders will learn how to cultivate a positive corporate culture using emotional intelligence, where everyone in the company shares the same values, attitudes, beliefs and work standards, all of which contribute to the success of your organization.


Course Description

Cultivating a positive corporate culture means that all your employees share universal values, attitudes, beliefs and standards. Culture creates the structure for every activity performed and influences how employees interact inside and outside of the company.

Teaching employees about the corporate culture starts on day one at orientation. Typically those expectations are often also posted in writing in the form of a mission statement and company’s core values. Once the statement is tacked onto a wall, the fate of the decided-upon culture is up for grabs.

Some companies use training programs to make it more likely that those ideals are lived out. But without combining the emotional intelligence practices into your corporate culture and training programs, chances are your employees will not be emotionally invested and motivated to speak from the heart and live out the company’s core guiding principles.

Stop and ask yourself, does your business have a positive corporate culture?




    • What is culture?
    • Define your organization’s culture.
    • Why is building a positive corporate culture critical?

    Cultivating a Positive Corporate Culture

    • Start with purpose
    • Define common language, values and standards
    • Lead by example
    • Identify your champions
    • Use your emotional intelligence skills to build a strong culture

    Action Planning & Reflection

    • Building strong culture goals
    • Reflection
    • Close
    • Questions



    Gain clarity and identify your organization’s current corporate culture.

    Cultivate a corporate culture based on the principles of emotional intelligence.


    Determine the strategies needed to implement this new corporate culture.