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Leadership Development Workshops

Our goal is to create experiential, skills-based leadership development workshops that ensure participants can learn, practice and apply what they learn into their jobs immediately. Scroll down to learn more about our approach and available topics!

Our Approach

All of our leadership development workshops are grounded in the principles of emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that jointly determine how we: perceive ourselves (self-perception), express ourselves (self-expression), develop and maintain social relationships (interpersonal), use our emotions to make decisions in an effective and meaningful way (decision-making), and how well we cope with daily challenges (stress-management). 

Each workshop takes an experiential approach to learning, including pre-and-post-work activities, peer-to-peer discussions, reflections, group debriefs, case studies, role-plays, exercises, activities, videos and games. For us, it is critical to engage the participant in a way that they not only want to learn the content but are capable of implementing it into their jobs as soon as possible.

Delivery Format

Each leadership development workshop can be facilitated either live or virtually. We focus on creating engaging, experiential training programs whether it is face-to-face or screen-to-screen. 

Live Training

Live Training workshops are best facilitated over 4.5 hours which includes 30 minutes of breaks. For optimal engagement, the ideal room set-up would be to have participants seated in groups of 4-6 at tables. The workshop sessions will include a workbook for participants to follow along with.   Every learning experience includes a mixture of peer-to-peer discussions, group debriefs, reflections, case studies, exercises, activities, role plays, videos and games.  During each session, participants will walk through the various competencies discuss in the program while ensuring adequate time to practice and apply what they have learned.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training workshops are best facilitated synchronously (in real-time) where participants will come together at a specific time.   The workshop sessions will be broken down into three X 90-minute webinar sessions.  During each session, participants will come together to listen to the presentation, work in small breakout rooms, participate in polls, complete reflection questions and activities, and engage in group discussions through a remote learning environment. The workshop sessions will include an e-workbook for participants to follow along with. This delivery option is a great tool to bring remote teams together to learn and develop as a group.

Management Skills

Our Management Skills Workshops are relevant for anyone who is in a management role and wants to improve their management and soft skills. From aspiring new managers to seasoned professionals, these workshops provide a solid foundation of the essential skills needed to manage others.

Whether it be managing their emotional responses in the workplace, learning how to approach a difficult conversation with a direct report, or running a meeting effectively, these workshops are designed so your managers will walk away with a toolkit of techniques to manage others effectively.

Leadership Skills

Our Leadership Skills Workshops are relevant for anyone who is in a leadership position and wants to improve their emotional intelligence and leadership skills. From newly appointed leaders to senior management to C-level executives, these workshops provide a solid backbone for those who need to shift to a leadership mindset, inspire and lead a multigenerational, diverse and virtual team, and cultivate a corporate culture built on trust, empathy, and transparency.

Whether it be enhancing your mental toughness, teaching others to adapt well to change, or learning to lead remote teams, these workshops are designed so your leaders will walk away with the mindset, stamina, and capabilities needed to be an impactful leader.



Vice President of Human Resources, Cascade Aerospace Inc.

“This workshop changed the way we think about leadership and emotional intelligence by showing us how it can seriously affect our bottom line Not only did we learn that it impacts how we personally react to daily challenges, but how we can use our emotions as information to act appropriately when faced with daily challenges.”