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The Emotionally Strong Leader

Book Club Series


Many see the words “emotional” and “strong” as contradictory terms that do not belong together when describing leaders who can transform their own lives, the lives of their colleagues, and the future of their business for the better.

After all, how can feelings be the key to unlocking personal and collective success?

Well, it’s essential to learn how to be in the driver’s seat of your feelings and understand how to lead with a strong mind and a kind heart while using a set of clear, simple, and tested skills and strategies. Doing so will allow you to connect more authentically and communicate more effectively with your coworkers and teams. This kind of connection and communication will create an environment of trust and belonging that will spur engagement, spike curiosity, and engender fraternity among team members. That is what leading with emotional intelligence (EI) looks like, and this five-part series teaches you how to enhance your EI skills and become the emotionally strong leader you always envisioned you could be.

During the five weeks, working in tandem with the book, The Emotionally Strong Leader, An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership, we will cover the six-step self-coaching model to enhance your emotional intelligence. Coaching yourself through the model will help you uncover your barriers to growth and change, set goals for yourself, and tap into your motivation, giving you the tools and drive to manage the hurdles life throws at you. As life changes and your emotions evolve, this framework will continue to serve you as a powerful tool you can continually call upon throughout the seasons of your life.

Learning Objectives

Identify the challenges working remotely has caused and discuss the impacts remote work has had on the well-being of workers.

Discover what engagement is and how it is demonstrated in the workplace, and identify your actively engaged employees and their qualities.

Determine how emotional intelligence builds trust, enhances employee engagement and impacts work relationships.

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