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Building & Fostering Trust


Trust is at the heart of every relationship and is especially critical in the workplace. And although it is the cornerstone of any successful team, it is a challenge for many to develop and maintain. The primary factor affecting employee turnover is whether or not a trusting relationship was developed between the manager and the employee. We all know what a distrustful workplace looks like: managers withhold information, people talk behind each other’s backs, employees are afraid to share concerns, no one takes responsibility, and you end up with poor morale, lower productivity, increased turnover, and an unhealthy work environment. With trust, openness is encouraged, information is shared, and collaboration becomes the norm — without it, organizations start to function as distinct and separate silos. 

Our Building & Fostering Trust package teaches your members how to build trust to increase engagement, creativity, and commitment. This session focuses on trust at three levels: self-trust, relationship trust, and organizational trust and how each contributes to the success of teams and organizations. A trusting relationship between team members and leaders shapes the foundation for building a successful organization. An organization with higher levels of collaboration, increased creativity and risk-taking, more effective execution of business strategies, and employee commitment and loyalty to your company.

Learning Objectives

Establish ground rules to set consistent and reliable expectations for team performance, which contributes to increasing trust and reducing suspicion and blame.

Learn to communicate clearly and deliberately to remove ambiguity that can create competition, uncertainty and mistrust in your team.

Challenge your proximity bias and give people the autonomy to do the work that works for them.

Create opportunities for team members to connect with others who have different viewpoints and perspectives and encourage constructive collaboration.

Learn the three levels of trust and how they contribute to organizational effectiveness.

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