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Engaging Remotely


Just because your team is no longer in the same physical location does not mean you can’t successfully lead and engage them. But the traditional methods of managing and leading teams aren’t working for our new, remote workforce. 

This 3-part series provides managers and team leaders with the tools they need to keep virtual teams motivated, engaged and committed. You will learn how to develop a high-performing team by connecting with emotional intelligence.

Take meaningful steps to help your team navigate through these new waters of remote work. You will leave each session with a clear action plan to apply the lessons and support your remote team to reach optimal performance. Below is the breakdown of what each part of the series will cover. 

Part 1:  Emotional intelligence (EI) essentials.

Part 2:  Adapting to remote leadership by using emotional intelligence. 

Part 3:  Using Emotional Intelligence to help your teams embrace remote work.

Learning Objectives

Identify the challenges working remotely has caused and discuss the impacts remote work has had on workers’ emotional well-being.

Discover what engagement is and how it is demonstrated in the workplace, and identify your actively engaged employees and their qualities.

Determine how emotional intelligence builds trust, enhances employee engagement and impacts work relationships.

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