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Coaching at the Forefront


Coaching enables others to be their best self. Your employees yearn to be happy;  satisfied at work and in their relationships. The best teams and organizations rely on you as the professional to help employees be more successful, engaged and productive at work.  

This 3-part series provides managers and team leaders with the steps and skills they need to coach others. They will be able to lead coaching conversations that focus on helping people uncover their barriers to growth and change, as well as giving them the tools to manage the hurdles life throws at them. Coaching also helps people understand their talents and how to leverage and turn them into strengths, so each employee walks away motivated, engaged, and committed to their job, their teams, and the organization.

To ensure your leaders can immediately implement coaching into their daily routines, we will provide an opportunity to practice coaching and apply what they have learned in each of the three 2-hour sessions. The practical portion of each workshop will ensure your leaders are knowledgeable and confident in their ability to continue to engage in powerful coaching conversations.

Learning Objectives

Discover what a coaching approach is and what role emotional intelligence plays.

Recognize the significance of cultivating a coaching culture in the workplace.

Learn the six steps and skills needed to have productive coaching conversations. We will also apply the learning by conducting practice coaching, using our coaching with the emotional intelligence model.

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