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Corporate Culture and Emotional Intelligence are two crucial elements of a successful business.

Emotional Intelligence is having the ability to understand your emotions as well as others, and without it, it is impossible for a business to be successful.

Corporate culture is the shared values, attitudes, beliefs and standards of all staff members. It is the corporate culture that creates the structure of every activity that is performed. But if emotional intelligence is not present in the company, is the corporate culture benefiting everyone?

Stop and ask yourself: Does your business have an emotionally intelligent corporate culture?

If the answer is YES, can it be improved upon?

  • Are the interpersonal relationships within your organization strong?
  • Do employees have a sense of independence?
  • Is everyone within the company not only aware of their own emotions but the emotions of those around them?
  • Does the upper management team display stress management?
  • Is there an “open-door” policy between employees and their superiors?

These are a few questions to ask to determine if emotional intelligence is present and strong within your company’s corporate culture.

If the answer is NO, it may be time to revamp your corporate culture.


Benefits of having an Emotionally intelligent Corporate Culture

  • Increased productivity
  • Staff stability
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased organizational communication
  • Employee moral

How to Revamp Your Corporate Culture to Include Emotional Intelligence:

Corporate culture is implemented through the leaders of an organization – which means that it is important for them to be emotionally intelligent.


Leaders, whether it is the CEO or upper-level management, should stop and observe.

Look at yourself.

  • What are your personal needs as a leader?
  • Are they aligned with the company’s needs?
  • Does the rest of your team know them?

Look around.

  • Who makes up your team?
  • What are the team’s needs?
  • What are the team member’s individual needs?
  • Are they expressed to the rest of the team/organization?



Once the leaders are more aware of their employees, it is time to introduce emotional intelligence to the rest of the corporation.

Promoting emotional intelligence can be done through a variety of different tactics. It could be as small as having one-on-one check-ins with employees throughout the week; to make sure everything, and everyone, is doing well.

Or a larger, but beneficial, tactic would be to invest in Emotional Intelligence retreats. Retreats promote positive interactions amongst all employees. Whether they are done on or off-site, having two or three dedicated days to build an emotionally intelligent culture will be beneficial in the long run.


Maintain and Evaluate

Once you have picked an EI tactic(s), don’t stop! The easy part is picking a tactic and doing it once, but it tends to become obsolete when it’s not performed often. People are more likely to be motivated at the start and slow down after a while. Keep the team motivated and repeat the tactic on a regular basis!

If employees seem to get tired of the tactics you picked, that’s great that you are becoming aware of their emotions! This means it’s time to introduce new ones.

Now, it’s your turn, and I would love to hear from you.

What tactics are you going to employ to have an emotionally intelligent corporate culture?   

Let us know by sending us a message on our social media – we are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! For more on cultivating an emotionally intelligent corporate culture, check out our Retreats or our Corporate Culture Workshop, available in live or virtual delivery! 

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