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What is a Transformational Leader?

Transformational leaders anticipate changes within an organization and aim to be ahead of them by preparing team members on how to navigate through them. The result will be a culture that fosters adaptability and innovation, where people feel inspired to handle whatever comes their way and supported to think outside the box.

So, how can you put your transformational leadership skills to the test and build the resilient culture you have always dreamed of? Below are three tips to help you get started.


Transformational leadership requires a high level of flexibility, so be prepared to condition your mind to anticipate unforeseen situations. Considering multiple outcomes and embracing change as an opportunity to grow and find new alternative ways to do things more effectively. This perspective will reframe your mental model around change, and force you to think of it more positively to prepare you to handle adversity.


Encourage your team members to think and learn on their own — that’s when new, and great ideas come to life. Delegating tasks and sharing decision-making power is not just the answer to a more productive organization; it also promotes employee growth. Providing your team with opportunities to learn and grow will inspire them to feel empowered and self-directed to handle any challenge that they face.


Take a moment and determine how well you know yourself. What are your strengths and development opportunities? Do you know your Emotional Intelligence level? Ask yourself these two questions to enhance your emotional self-awareness. It starts with you as the leader, so don’t cut yourself short, and spend time truly acknowledging how you can learn more, and do better by working on yourself.

The main takeaway is that a transformational leader knows when to take a step back to encourage creativity and employee autonomy, and step in to embrace change and make change within themselves. The three tips above will act as a great starting point for your transformational leadership journey. Not only will you be better equipped to embrace your emotions and those of your employees, but you will also build a culture of engagement

A culture that makes it OK to be human in the workplace. 

Implement these steps today to become a transformational leader — one who encourages employees to be self-directed, innovative problem-solvers.

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