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We have been forced to quickly figure out how to work from home, regardless of role, industry or location on the planet. The Reconnect and Revive Your Team with EI (Emotional Intelligence) package will teach your team how to stay emotionally connected while physically apart. We will show you how to ensure your business remains profitable and productive during these unusual times by keeping your fingers on your organization’s pulse and staying akin to your people. Scroll down below to learn more.



Our Reconnect and Revive Your Team with EI Package is timely and crucial at this moment in time.  For many of us, this pandemic has been the most significant and perhaps most traumatic experience of our lives. There have been many implications to us as individuals, as a society and to the workforce in general. 

No longer were we able to go into the office and continue with business as usual. No longer could we work side-by-side with our colleagues and innovate on new initiatives. No longer were we able to have face-to-face strategy meetings with our clients. 

Even when the pandemic subsides, there will be permanent changes in how we think about and behave at work. We must learn to pivot how we connect and work in teams inside our offices and when working remotely from home.

The Reconnect and Revive Your Team with EI package is an incredibly impactful team-building experience focused on enhancing each members’ emotional intelligence competencies, leadership skills, communication, and overall, their team effectiveness.

The Reconnect and Revive Your Team with EI package allows each participant to become truly honest amongst their coworkers and candidly discuss how they are feeling about what is going on right now in the organization. The team also comes together to discuss their thoughts about the group dynamics and effectiveness within their team. 

When your team is brave enough to talk about the real issues – that is when the magic happens, and the caring starts. Once people care for one another, it is incredible to watch how far they will go for their colleagues.

The Reconnect and Revive Your Team with EI package, will give you and your employees the tools to communicate openly and effectively in a non-threatening way. We will cover the 15 emotional intelligence competencies, where your employees can identify their leadership gaps and gain more insight into the team’s challenges. We will teach your team to remove the barriers preventing them from achieving their individual and group goals.


    This package offers a combination of ten individual EQ Assessments, EQ Reports and Private One-Hour Debriefs. Then, the team comes together for a one-day face-to-face retreat or 4-1.5 hour virtual sessions, where we dive deep into emotional intelligence and uncover the team’s EQ results. The EQ Group Report maintains the team’s individual EQ scores anonymously while providing a thorough overview of the team’s strengths and areas for development.

    The package also comes with an additional 6-week online training program where each member of the team can continue to enhance and grow their emotional intelligence skills at their own pace. 

    The Mastery Program includes 34 video lessons and a comprehensive Learning Guide with self-reflection questions and exercises. This online program also consists of a Journal to share thoughts, ideas, observations and feedback, and six Life Learning Guides, which include a summary of each week’s lesson plan plus homework activities to apply the learning into their daily lives. This comprehensive online program ends with a Final Exam to test comprehension of the curriculum.

    The package has been developed to provide a mix of personal and group assessments, lectures, experiential learning, practical application, individual homework, and accountability sessions for all types of personalities and learning styles. The workshop includes a workbook for participants to follow along with and write in. Creating opportunities for your employees to experience a personal and emotional connection to the concepts is what is going to stay with them, not just notes from a training session. 

    This variety will allow each employee to relate to the curriculum personally and integrate what they learned into their day-to-day activities to fully reconnect and revive your team and become best-in-class inside their organization, whether working in the office or remotely from home. 


      This program is based on an expected group size of 10 participants. Please contact us for pricing for your specific group size.


        We use the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®), which is the world’s leading measure of emotional intelligence skills. This web-based assessment consists of 133 questions and usually takes between 20-30 minutes to complete.

        The EQ-i 2.0® is a self-report assessment tool based on the 15 competencies of the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i). Not only does the EQ-i 2.0® score total EQ, but it also scores employees on each of the 15 competencies, highlighting their strengths and potential areas for improvement. This report provides each participant with a sense of how well they are coping with environmental demands and a snapshot of their emotional and social functioning at this time. 

        Upon completing each participant will receive a Leadership Report and receive a one-hour virtual debrief of their results with a certified EQ expert. 


        This 5-page report combines the EQ-i 2.0® scores of individuals that take the EQ-i 2.0® in a manner that enables interpretation at a group or team level. This report maintains the anonymity of the participants’ individual scores while providing a thorough overview of identifying group strengths and areas where the group can be more effective.

        The results of this report will be debriefed during the live or virtual emotional intelligence retreat. 


        The emotional intelligence retreat can be facilitated as either one full-day face-to-face session or 4 x 1.5-hour virtual sessions. The program consists of two modules:

        Leadership Implications of EQ Competencies: Module one will introduce emotional intelligence and analyze the impact EQ strengths and development areas can have on the organization. Participants will gain an understanding of emotional intelligence, its benefits, and its role in leadership effectiveness. Leaders will also be introduced to the dark side of emotional intelligence and learn how to recognize how a high EQ might not always be a good thing. This session dives deep into the strengths and development opportunities of each individual. We also explore the leadership team as a whole and address the organizational implications of these results. 

        Planning and Implementing Change: Module two will dive further into the emotional intelligence competencies and allow participants to play the role of competency advisor. The group will analyze and discuss ways to improve upon these competencies while leveraging their strengths. The learning will be framed around, embracing the change required to integrate emotional intelligence into personal and professional effectiveness. The team will learn how to plan and implement change and set up a detailed action plan for success.


        In this Mastery Program – Leading with Emotional intelligence – A Guide for Professionals that Want to Get Unstuck, we work through the EQ-i 2.0® model developed by Multi-Health Systems (MHS). This model consists of 15 emotional intelligence competencies within the five composite scales of Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management.

        Learning Objectives:

        • Gain an extensive understanding of emotional intelligence(EI) and how it impacts you, recognize how EI relates to leadership effectiveness, learn the difference between IQ and EQ, understand how your brain works with EI and discover the EQ-i 2.0 model.

        • Enhance your self-perception by recognizing factors that limit your self-regard and where you are unfulfilled, explore how self-actualization relates to creativity and innovation, analyze how others perceive you, and learn how to identify your emotions and the meaning behind your feelings.

        • Boost your self-expression through learning how to choose the right words and appropriately recognizing when to adjust your perspective, discover the dos and don’ts associated with exercising your assertiveness, and learn how to balance your independence.

        • Broaden your interpersonal skills by investigating verbal and non-verbal communication, enhance your ability to empathize with others, adapt your point of view, and learn how social responsibility impacts your sense of self-purpose.

        • Improve your decision making by learning an 8-step framework for problem-solving, explore the importance of thinking big picture, discover a technique for root cause analysis, learn to think objectively, and understand how to regulate your emotions.

        • Developing your stress management by exploring how different environments impact your flexibility, understand the difference between accepting and approving of change, recognize the importance of stress-relieving activities, understand negativity as a waste of time, and discover ten steps to help you avoid negative thought patterns.

        Our online Mastery Program, Leading with Emotional Intelligence training program includes video lessons and a Get Unstuck Toolkit, which includes the following:

        • 34 video lessons

        • Read Me Document (downloadable file)

        • 1 Learning Guide (downloadable file)

        • 6 Life Learning Guides (downloadable files)

        • Get Unstuck Journal (downloadable files)

        • Online Final Exam

        • Certificate of Completion



        MITCH PUGH

        Design & Fabrication, Chewter’s Chocolates

        “The biggest result that I have seen is better management from different levels, teamwork, communication, satisfaction, the way people verbalize with each other and the way people interact with each other. It really helped get us to a point where we can move to the next step, we can be corporate mind, but at the same time, have fun at work.”