This option is for organizations that are truly committed to identify, develop, and reinforce the skills of leading with emotional intelligence within the work environment.

This program has six steps:

  1. EQ Assessment
  2. EQ-360® Leadership Report and Private Debrief
  3. EI Experience Retreat
  4. Live Training Workshops
  5. Individual Coaching Sessions
  6. Online Programs

This package allows participants to critically assess how their emotional intelligence competencies impact their career and life.

This inclusive program integrates a Multi-Rater EQ Assessment, an Off-Site Retreat, a series of Live Training Workshops, and comprehensive Online Training Programs. The program is designed to emphasize, assess and apply the practical behavioral and mindset changes learned throughout the entire program and bring that learning into the workplace.

Each employee begins with taking an EQ Assessment, which scores each employee on 15 emotional intelligence competencies. Each of them will also select raters from the following categories: manager, peers, direct reports, friends/family, and/or others, and those raters will also rate the employee on the same rating scale, which is why this tool is also referred to as the Multi-Rater Assessment.  It is important to know not only how your employees see themselves, but also to be aware of how others see them.

Upon completion of the EQ Assessments, every employee will receive a one-hour long debrief on their results from one of our EQ coaches, scheduled at their convenience.  We help you interpret their scores and the interrelationships between them. This Multi-Rater Assessment highlights any blind spots, reinforced opportunities, and allied strengths in the leader’s emotional intelligence profile.

Removal Of The Corporate Masks

Next comes the EI Experience Retreat, which takes place off-site. Conducting this Retreat off-site allows your employees to remove the corporate masks they work so hard to keep on. When your team is brave enough to talk about the real issues – that is when the magic happens and the caring starts.

The EI Experience Retreat covers the five EI composite scales and the 15 EI competencies in an interactive and experiential learning environment. This special learning and developmental experience allows you and your team to come together and discuss what’s really going on, connect on a deeper, more authentic level, and search for unified, forward-thinking solutions to your organization’s challenges. Your team will come out of the Retreat feeling refreshed and transformed with knowledge and new capabilities, as well as having a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, their colleagues.

Based on your team’s results, we customize a series of Live Training Workshops to meet the current needs of your team to maximize effectiveness within your organization. The EI Experience Retreat and Live Training Workshops, allow your employees to fully embrace their EQ in a team and group setting.

Reinforcing The Skills

To ensure commitment to the competencies learned during the EI Experience Retreat and the Live Training Workshops, this package includes individual coaching sessions throughout the program, which has proven to be the best way for employees to reinforce and live the learning.

In the private coaching sessions, we will show your employees how learning some simple emotional intelligence techniques and strategies will increase their personal effectiveness in your organization, which can also be used to become more fulfilled and successful in all aspects of their lives.

At the end of this full program, we provide access to our Online Emotional Intelligence Training Programs, which allow for further personal reflection and reinforcement. The online learning gives employees a chance to commit to change on a personal and professional level in the privacy of their own office or home.

With this increased self-awareness, your employees can best decide their ‘next steps’ to becoming better and more effective at being in touch with their own emotions and those of others. This means gaining the skills to build better relationships, have better conversations, become a better team player, leader and, overall, to be more effective at work and in life!


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