New Year, New Outlook

As we enter 2018 it is important to take a moment to reflect on the previous year and look ahead to the new year in front of us. What did you accomplish in 2017? What do you want to accomplish in 2018? How can you make this possible? Every year we make New Year’s...

Making Meaningful Small Talk

It takes courage to walk up to someone and engage in small talk. What do you talk about? What if there is a lull in the conversation? What if you end up doing all of the talking? Whether you are nervous because you just are not confident, you lack practice, or you...

Appreciation in the Workplace

Have you ever been in a situation at work where you just can't figure out what motivates someone? Consider this: you have two employees who share the same job. Let’s call them John and Jane. They have the same duties, same daily responsibilities, and work with the...

7 Traits of Successful Leaders

Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful while others are not? What is the secret ingredient to their success? Well, here’s the truth…there really is no secret. Success is like baking a cake, everyone has their own favourite recipe, but the basic...

Emotionally Intelligent Teams

Working with different groups of people is unenviable. Whether it is in the workplace or the classroom, at some point you will have to work with a team to pursue a common outcome. When you are in a group you are faced with differences in opinions, beliefs,...

The Art of Effective Leadership

Leadership is a science and an art. To be an effective leader, one needs to incorporate both dimensions. George Ambler said “The science of leadership concerns the observations, study and classification of leadership practices, resulting in a reliable explanation of...

Leading Change in the Workplace

There are many examples from the world of business that show us how important change and innovation are to an organization’s very survival. Take Blackberry for example. A few years ago they were industry leaders in the cellphone market, with their qwerty keyboards...

Leading With Your Creativity

Today’s most famous leaders are innovative, creative, and think outside the box. We look at someone like Steve Jobs, for example, the most creative leader of all time. Jobs thought of a unique and crazy idea that had never been thought of before, and even though some...

Mastering Self Leadership

Self-leadership is characterized by the 8 c’s; compassion, clarity, curiosity, calmness, confidence, creativity, courage and connectedness. It is the ability to use your own personal strengths efficiently and effectively as well as having a proper understanding of...

Communication Within Teams

There is no doubting the importance of teams. As our jobs and skills become even more specialized, it often becomes necessary for people from different disciplines to work together. Companies are commonly doing multiple projects, and people can be a part of multiple...

How to be Conscious of Consensus

The internet has revolutionized how we connect with each other. Today, we are no longer limited by borders, geography, or proximity. In the business world, it has democratized how customers interact with organizations. Just think about how quickly some companies will...

Coaching: Don’t Send an Email!

Have you ever sent an email message and then regretted it after it was too late? A rule of thumb should be that whenever you need to have a difficult conversation or give feedback, you do it face-to-face, never send an email. Words in an email are powerful and can be...

20 Great Public Speaking Tips

Preparation is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your presentation! Every professional in the world must practise to standout in their field, from athletes to doctors, preparation is key, and your presentation should not be the exception....



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